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Sheffield is to be occupied on 5th November 2011, meet at 12 noon on the City Hall steps in Barkers Pool.

Occupy Sheffield

On 4th November a Press release was issued:

Occupy Sheffield is due to start on Saturday the 5th of November at 12 mid-day. There will be a general assembly on the City Hall steps to discuss and agree through consensus which of three potential sites will be occupied. The proposed sites are Devonshire Green, The Peace Gardens or the Cathedral forecourt. A generally positive response has been received from both the Sheffield City Management and South Yorkshire Police with respect to all three sites, the Cathedral management’s response however could be described as being somewhat less than friendly.

We are committed to a peaceful expression of our views and intend to engage with a broad range of interested people and groups. We invite all those who are committed to non-violent protest to join us and spread the word and gain voices to help define our futures

We are the 99% and we are ‘Occupy Sheffield


Occupy Sheffield is part of the global occupation which has been inspired by Occupy Wall Street, see the initial statement from Occupy Sheffield.

See the see the occupywiki for more info about Occupy Sheffield and the wishlist of things needed.

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